Friday is coming up!

Here is a recipe for a delicious drink that will remind you of summer.


3 Lime

20 tsp of brown sugar

30 leaves of fresh mint herbs

20 Strawberries chopped into tiny cubes

20 cl of rom

5 dl sparkling water

5 dl of schweppes lemon

10 strawberries for decoration

30 ice cubes

1. Cut the lime in wedges and put one in each glass. Add 2 tsp of brown sugar and mint leaves to each glass as well. Use a spoon and crush the lime. Blend all the ingredients well.

2. Add 2 cl rum to each glass. Blend until the sugar has dissolved.

3. Add schweppes lemon and sparkling water.

4. Add the chopped strawberries and ice cubes.

5. Decorate with berries and mint leaves.


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